Jay Pitt

Jay Pitt-How To Get Your Child on Piff Radio

Jay Pitt-How To Get Your Child on Piff Radio

Jay Pitt is a rare entreprenuer out of High Point, Nc & Also the owner and creator of Piff Radio & TaylordPitt. With Heavy influences from rapping on the streets of philly during the summers and rapping since 4th grade alongside a close friend in High Point, Nc. After a brief hiatus Jay Pitt continued to write and stay heavy in the game, making beats, helping others with music, and also creating a label in college to push artsits. With Over 20+ mixtapes on the net, 8 albums, over 50,000 fans around the world, & over 800,000 plays on Myspace and over 500k + in streaming. Jay Is Doing What He Can To Present His “Moment Of Greatness”

Jay Pitt has since crafted hits not only for himself but Mackie, X2 (2 cool), estabon Moscato, Leann, Flame, Luse Kanz, Streets da grande, Corey Lashaun, Jay Griffy and more. He also is a brand ambassador for Frontline Packz & a dj and radio host for NextLevel Dj Coaltion.

A&R for RecordUnion distribution
Actor on 85 Central on YouTube & Amazon
CEO of TaylordPitt LLC
CEO of PittMedia
Creator of “A Bunch Of Nobodyz Podcast”
Co creator of “Cooking With Hip Hop” tv show

Piff Radio was established in 2012 by Jay Pitt & his wife Brittiny Pitt as a source for tshirts and transitioned to a source for all creators to showcase what life brings them! It has weekly interviews with artists and businesses about politics, sports, music, religion, and business! Piff Radio also has artists who engage in some of the freestyle sessions and collab with Jay Pitt on music as well as content on the platform.

Piff Radio consists of Jay Pitt & Brittiny Pitt with hosts Shay Speaks Life, Ced Wynez, Javi_wear, Rob OG, Erin B., King Dray and others..

Piff Radio has Interviews with DJ EFN of Drink Champs, Mackie Reed, Kidd Kidd, Luna Grey, Sheldon Bailey, Sonja Norwood, Macana Man, Ms. Choppa, Mosin Pictures, Nox Bond, Aye Jonez, Javi, Muzik Velez, Serenity Garcia, Dj Rob OG, Emanny, James Worthy Jr, Nizzle Man, J Griffy & More

twitter: @JayPitt
Facebook: Jay Pitt
Reverbnation: Jay Pitt
Soundlick: Jay Pitt

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